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Nandi Chinna (Anandashila Saraswati)
Ph - 0431970797



Education and Training

2009 – 2013 - Doctor of Philosophy, Creative Arts, Edith Cowan University

 Thesis title; SWAMP Walking the Wetlands of the Swan Coastal Plain
with the exegesis A Walk in the Anthropocene.

 Researching the cultural and ecological history of the wetlands of the swan coastal Plain.
Creation of a poetic work SWAMP (published by Fremantle Press 2014), and exegetical essay which examines homesickness, loss of biodiversity and the challenges of living in the Anthropocene.

 2007 – 2008 - Master of Arts, Creative Arts. Edith Cowan University.

 Thesis title; Adumbral Traces with the exegesis The Mountain is Named After the Man.

 Researching the stories behind the names of places in Western Australia. Creation of a poetic work, How to Measure Land (published Picaro Press 2010)

 2004 - Cert 1V Work Place Assessment and Training

 2001 - Graduate Diploma of Education Murdoch University

 1994 - Bachelor of Arts, Media Studies, Edith Cowan University                    

Recent Employment

Principle Research Consultant – Kings Park at Heart; Understories, a social and cultural history of Kings Park and Botanical Garden, Perth, WA, 2015

Principle Research Consultant – Clontarf Hill Heritage Interpretation Project, Lotteries West grant, 2015.

Research Consultant – Floracultura, ECU and CREATEC, Principle Researcher Dr John Ryan. 2013

Research Consultant. Perths’s Lost Wetlands, ECU, CREATEC, Principle Researcher Associate Professor Rod Giblett. 2013-14
Workshop Facilitator - Poepatetics; walking, writing and creativity, various sites 2013-2015

Lecturer/Tutor  Media Studies, Edith Cowan University; 2013-14 


Skills and Experience


·         Research Consultant - Archival research and historical interpretation;

·         Curator; Re-Imagining Perth’s Lost Wetlands, Perth Town Hall, 2014;

·         Teaching/Workshop facilitation – qualifications and experience;

·         Award winning published poet;

·         Published essayist;

·         Highly successful collaborations with artists and musicians;

·         Experienced in working with a wide range of students;

·         Consultant Editor; Five Islands Press, 2014;

·         Workshop facilitator Millennium Kids, 2014;

·         Editor of the Journal Landscapes;

·         Editor Poetry D’Amour anthology, 2014

·         Confident in use of various software packages, social media, twitter, web blogs;


Speaking in Strings – poetry performance with musician Danna Checksfield 2007, 2010, 2013, 2014
- with Michael Farrell, Graeme Miles, Nyanda Smith, Perdita Phillips. Lethologica Press 2011
– Art text project with illustrator Andrea Smith. 2012
In Conversation
sculptural collaboration with Nein Schwarz, Danna Checksfield, and Michael Wingate, 2014
Swamp Walking
guided walks through Perth’s Lost wetlands with ECU, 2012, 2013, 2014.
Re-Imagining Perth’s Lost Wetlands
exhibition at Perth Town Hall in collaboration with ECU, Landgate and City of Perth, 2014
Hack the Festival
digital cartography project, Perth Festival, 2015
with Gijs van Bon, Fremantle Festival, 2015
Kings Park Festival
– Poepatetics workshops, Kings Park Botanical Garden, 2015
Anthologia - poetry/ art project with Steven J Finch and Alina Tang, 2015



Griffith Review 47, Looking West, Feb, 2015, SWAMP, essay, Griffith University, QLD.

Westerly, 2015, Poepatetics, walking and writing in the Anthropocene, essay, Westerly Centre, University of Western Australia.

Swamp; walking the wetlands of the Swan Coastal Plain, 2014 – Fremantle Press.

Alluvium, 2012, Art text project with illustrator Andrea Smith. Lethologica Press.

How to Measure Land, 2010, Picaro Press, Winner of the Byron Bay Writers Festival poetry prize.

Our Only Guide is Our Homesickness, 2007, selected for the Five Islands Press New Poets Publishing Program.



Best Australian Poems 2015, Black Ink Press, Ed Geoff Page
Cullen Wines Poetry,
Cullen Wines and Margaret River Press, Margaret River, WA

Birdlife, 2011, with Michael Farrell, Graeme Miles, Nyanda Smith, Perdita Phillips. Lethologica Press.

Antipodes,2011, Ed Margaret Bradstock. Phoenix Education.

Law and Impulse, Maths and Chemistry Poems, 2010, Ed Carol Jenkins.

Out of the Box: Contemporary Australian Gay and Lesbian Poets, 2009, Puncher and Wattman, Sydney, NSW

Voices from the Meadow, 2007, Five Islands Press.

Reading the Collection, 2006, Fremantle Arts Centre and City of Fremantle Art Collection.

Transitions, 1996, Ed. Justina Williams. Published by City of Fremantle.




Tom Collins Poetry Prize, 2014

Picaro Press, Byron bay Writers Festival Poetry Prize, 2010

Mosman Park Poetry Prize, 2009




Cullen’s Wines and Margaret River Press, 2012, Terrior.

The Red Room Company, Oxford Street Project2011, Beneath the South Head Old Road.


Teaching Experience

Poepatetics, Walking, Writing and Creativity, Workshop Facilitator,  2013-2015
Edith Cowan University,
Lecturer/Tutor 2009, 2013
Challenger Institute of Technology,
Lecturer in Creative Writing. 2011-2012
Out of the Asylum Writers Group (OOTA),
Teacher, creative writing, 2011, 2014
Spearwood Alternative School,
Support Teacher, 2003
Aboriginal Tutorial Assistance Scheme,
Tutor - Literacy Numeracy, 2002

Recent Conferences and Performances

Day of Ideas; The Flaneur, University of Western Australia. 2015
Perth Poetry Festival, Guest reader. Perth 2015.

International World Wetlands Day, Wetland Management Conference, 2015
; Re-Imagining Perth’s Lost Wetlands, Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre, WA. 

Corrugated Lines Writers Festival, Broome, 2014; Writing the Wild, performance and workshop.

Earthing the World, 2014; Home ground; roaming the neighbourhood  in search of home., Centre for Research in Entertainment, Arts, Technology, Education and Communications (CREATEC), ECU.

Perth International Writers Festival, 2014; Swamp poems, performance and public talk, UWA, Nedlands, WA 

International World Wetlands Day, Wetland Management Conference, 2014; SWAMP, poems of the Wetlands of the Swan Coastal Plain, Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre. 

Environmental Humanities, 2013; The Poetics of Place, Cultural Heritage of Wetlands on the Swan Coastal Plain. ECU. 

Rites of Spring 2013; Poepatetics, Curtin University, WA 

Creativity and Catastrophe, 2012; Walking Perth’s Lost Wetlands, Edith Cowan University  

Endemic Sense of Place: Exploring the Social Sustainability of the State of Western

Australia, 2012; Activists, Writers and Endemophilia, Murdoch University, WA. 

Hydrobotanica, 2012; The Lost Lakes of Perth- a poetic psychogeography, ECU. 

Literary London Conference 2012; After London: Climate Change, the Olympics and the Hackney Marshes, Blooomsbury, London. 

Writing the Wild, 2011; The Poetics of Walking Wild, Denmark WA. 

WA Wetland Management Conference, 2010, Poetry, Walking and Perth’s Lost Wetlands 

Embodied Knowledges, 2011, Perth’s Wetland Heritage, ECU 

Can Writing Change the World, 2010; Considers the inherent call in all nature writing for humans to live in ‘right relationship’ to the place we inhabit. Christchurch Grammar School, Claremont, WA.


Professional Memberships


Griffith Review Writers Circle

Centre for Research in Entertainment, Arts, Technology, Education and Communications (CREATEC), Edith Cowan University

Fellowship of Australian Writers WA.

Wetlands Conservation Society

Varuna Writers Centre Alumni.


Community Activities

Facilitator of Voicebox poetry performance event 2004 -2008.
Established and ran the Beeliar Wetlands Walking group for two years.
Participant in regular seed collecting and tree planting days with the City of Cockburn.
Founding member of Hamilton Hill Community Garden.
Volunteer custodian of tuart bushlands in Hamilton Hill.
Participant in the Hamilton Hill Revitalisation Strategy working group.
Participant in the City of Cockburn Active Transport Forums.
Participant in the City of Cockburn Walk Trails consultation.
Organiser of Travel Smart and City of Cockburn/City of Fremantle walks.
Convener of the Save Beeliar Wetlands Group




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