nandi chinna

Earth Works

I will serve the earth
and not pretend my life could be better served.
My life is only the earth risen up
a little way into the light, among the leaves,
Another morning with its strange cure.

          Wendell Berry

Nandi began her activism as a young child, riding on her fathers shoulders at anti-Vietnam protests, and with her mother at anti-nuclear, Aboriginal land rights, and womens rights protests.

Adelaide circa 1980

Her first major earth work was involvement with the Franklin Dam blockade in the early 1980s. She camped up river at a site known as Fairy Dell and engaged in guerrilla tactics with police and loggers, eventually being arrested sitting on top of a bulldozer in a forest clearing.

Other earth works have included creating extensive gardens, planting trees, and campaigning to preserve forests and wild places.

Since 2009 she has been deeply involved in wetland preservation on the Swan Coastal Plain, in particular, writing a major poetic work on the wetlands as well as being a core member of the campaign group Save Beeliar Wetlands which seeks to preserve Bibra and North lake and the accompanying wetlands of Frog Swamp and Roe Swamp, by stopping the construction of the Roe 8 highway extension which, if built would destroy this wetland suite.

She is also a core member of the Greenways Working Group, which seeks to develop a plan for, and promote the construction of, a network of Greenways throughout the Perth metropolitan area in order to provide biodiversity corridors, cycle paths and public open space.

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